Carpenters Tinney Holiday Cottages

The Seasons at Carpenter's Tinney

Blooming Spring

Bringing the countryside back to life! After the chill of winter the Snowdrops have fought well to give up to pockets of delicate flowers, with daffodils erupting in great abundance.

Our river valley comes alive with woodland flowers and cherry blossom, where all our Rhododendrons will soon be ablaze with some magical colours.

The many different species of our feathered friends begin to let you know of their intentions; a beautiful sound. In a mad March sky the overlooked Rooks twist & fall calling incessantly, their unique version of ‘caw’!

It’s a joy at this time to get outdoors and really look at nature. You may be lucky enough to see the first queen bee, a sleeping slow worm, a hungry bat and the distinctive mewing cry of the Buzzard.

Wander to our pond and river; water life, common frogs and toads breed in this area, so look out for them laying their eggs in still water and for the water boatmen skittering at the surface, be patient and you might be lucky to witness the majestic otters.

Spring into Summer

As the clocks go forward the bare skeletal of the many deciduous trees has transformed to a vibrant sea of green, meadows a washed with buttercups and wild summer flowers.

Evening brings out the comical bats, stunts galore free of charge. In stealth mode, Owls fly through the grounds and courtyard, whilst during those warm / hot days the delightful Swallows will entertain with their precision flight in & out of our barns to feed their brood.

Venture to the river meadows to sit and listen to the overture of water running, only to be interrupted by the incoming sound and vision of Kingfishers.

Shades of Glory

Here comes Autumn, with its crimson and amber hues. Leaves crunch underfoot, hedgerows are full of berries, fungi pepper the ground, the river spaits to a crescendo whilst wildlife ready themselves for natures glorious chill.

Step out before dusk to witness the Owls serial chorus and to see them fly & land waiting to ready themselves for their evening banquet.

Red and Roe deer begin their courtship with the stags vocal song echoing through the valley.

For us the shades of russet, gold and purple sum up all that is special about autumn, the steely sky sets off the glorious colours to perfection.

Oh Winter

Nature’s way of relaxing.

Yet the encroaching veil of night brings with it a whole other landscape to explore - that of the sparkling night sky. We are fortunate to be situated in a pocket of countryside where you can see the stars without light intrusion.

Then if and when the white stuff arrives, leave the log burner going, and explore the winter wonderland. The colour contrast of deer, foxes and other wildlife is exceptionally different than other seasons. The otter jumping from river to snow, snow to river is priceless!

Spring lambs

Summer borders

Pheasant - a visitor to the garden in late summer

Fishing on the River Tamar on an autumn day

Our lane in the snow